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About Warsaw Hackerspace

Hackerspace is a place created and maintained by a group of people who combines fascination about new technologies with broadly understood creativity and hacker spirit. Hackerspace stimulates development of interesting projects by supplying necessary tools and attracting people with knowledge to use them. Hackerspace know no limits, if you have an interesting idea and you are looking for people to help you with it's development or simply a place to work - you are most welcome!

If you want to join us read about our goals and join one of our mailing lists. We meet every Tuesday at 10pm on ITC channel #hackerspace-pl (irc.freenode.net) and live every Thursday from 6pm.

Our goals

  • We want to maintain a place in which people interested in technology, electronics, informatics, mechanics, art and related activities can meet to talk, exchange ideas, solutions and together work on their projects.
  • We want Hackerspace to be located in Warsaw, in a place easily accessbile, especially using public communications.
  • We want independence, thats why we think that member fees are best way of financing. Collected money will be used for renting rooms and buing necessary tools.
  • We want Hackerspace to be friendly and open place for new people and ideas.
  • We want to collect tools and knowledge about it's usage in places which allow it's usage.
  • We want to develop and explore new areas of interest.
  • We want to have fun.


The Warsaw Hackerspace is located in the building complex delimited by Grzybowska/Hrubieszowska/Karolkowa/Przyokopowa. The main entrance is from ul. Hrubieszowska. After getting to the parking lot, proceed towards a beige/green building. You'll find stairs going down to the Hackerspace on its' right side.

          Warszawski Hackerspace
          ul. Grzybowska 85C
          00-841 Warszawa
          52°13'49.8"N 20°58'45.3"E

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  • Hackerspace consists of members.
  • All members are required to pay monthly fee.
  • All members are allowed to be in Hackerspace 24/7.
  • All members are equal.


  • Starving Hacker, at least 50 PLN per month. Limited for students (and special cases).
  • Fatty Hacker, at least 100 PLN per month.
  • Super-Fatty Hacker, 150 PLN or more - for rich Hackers who want to support our Hckerspace.

We need at least 3000 PLN per monts to be able to pay the rent and bills. Additional funding is especially needed for further expansion (new rooms) and for investments in gadgets, promotion and infrastructure.

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